September 5, 2008

A Pissed Off Deadhead

The following letter references a blurb on the last page, the music charts, of Rolling Stone magazine, RS 1060 (

Dear Rolling Stone,
I am a longtime subscriber that has recently come to question the morality of your magazine because of an ethical issue that I have with a recent post. Now, when I first receive my magazine, I like to to look at the back cover page in the section where you present current, previous and a specific town's music charts as well as classic Rolling Stone covers. In issue RS 1060, you were showcasing a classic issue from 1993 with Jerry Garcia on the front cover. Underneath the picture you had a single excerpted quote from Mr. Garcia stating that if he didn’t change the way he was living he would be dead in two years. I’m personally appalled that you would print only this single quote and question your blatant disregard for human life. How his family and especially his daughters would feel upon reading this is beyond me. Jerry did indeed die two years later as we all know, after struggling to confront his demons in a rehabilitation center no less. That you had the audacity to even print this is horrid to say the least, but especially on the anniversary of his death, August 10th, 1995.
Have you no respect???

A Pissed Off Deadhead

by Matthew Burns

This is our first article written by Matthew Burns. We at KyndMusic appreciate his contribution and look forward to more of his writing in the future.

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