September 5, 2008

That ‘70s show keeps on rolling

Interesting read to say the least, a couple of key excerpts that really struck me as being well, odd:

"Even the much-maligned Grateful Dead drew from such seemingly disparate genres as rock, blues, jug-band folk, country and various world-music forms."


ma·lign (m-ln) tr.v. ma·ligned, ma·lign·ing, ma·ligns
To make evil, harmful, and often untrue statements about; speak evil of.adj.1. Evil in disposition, nature, or intent.2. Evil in influence; injurious.3. Having or showing malice or ill will; malevolent.

"Gaffney is backed on the disc by Jackie Greene, another artist with a decided affinity for post-Blonde on Blonde Americana, along with jam-band staples Steve and Jim Kimock and Ben Harper’s band the Innocent Criminals."

Who is Jim Kimock?

by Greg Lake

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