December 6, 2008

Grateful Dead out with New Road Trips & Audio Stream

Check out the new Grateful Dead Road Trips Volume 2 #1 Listening Party, from the band's epic 6-show run at Madison Square Garden in September 1990. "Uncle John's Band", "Truckin" and especially "Let it Grow" are mind-bendingly powerful. And when they segue from the "Let it Grow Jam" into "Dark Star" at the beginning of disc onto your seat, headphones, iPod or whatever else is nearby.

Stream the entire Road Trips here

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Scotty Greene said...

I was lucky enough to be living in the City during this run - caught 4of the 6..

When The Dead played the Garden, they were psyched. We knew it, they knew we knew it, and they delivered.

Zoooma!! said...

I grew up out in the Jersey 'burbs, 22 miles west of midtown Manhattan, caught the first 2 shows of this run and the next day had to catch a plane to Salt Lake City for the start of Fall semester (Utah was on the quarter system at the time, didn't start until Sept 20th-ish.)

Interesting to see Rhino beginning a Volume 2 with this run. Interesting only because many of us are dismayed they're not releasing full shows a la Dick's Picks. Without A Net was a GREAT release... at the time. Since then we've grown accustomed to full (or mostly full) shows. That's what so many people want to collect. It seems like Rhino has taken the live release idea and brought it back to the stoneage by releasing compilations. Where'd they get the idea a majority of Heads would dig compilations??! If they got their heads out their asses and came up with a better business plan for the Dead's vault, they'd make a helluva lot more money while we'd get a helluva lot more of what we, in general, want. I'm sad to say the Road Trips series of releases are the first Dead releases I will never own.

Cool CD cover, though.