October 3, 2008

Paesano Welcomes Lynx & Janover to the Sierras

Our friends over at Paesano Productions are welcoming 'Folk-tronic' prodigy LYNX & Jamie Janover to the Eastern Sierras for two performances:

LYNX and Jamie Janover create an eclectic harmonic blend of all original hip-hop and down-tempo electronica grooves with folk style song writing, guitar playing, beat boxing, rhyming, amplified mini-kit percussion and the sounds of the hammered dulcimer. Together they have achieved the elusive perfect balance between the acoustic and the electronic, using today's most advanced technologies mixed with ancient live instrumentation to create a unified sound reflective of the polarized nature of our times.

Closing out both nights is long-time Kynd bud Alfred Howard and the K23 Orchestra (AHK23) who combines in the pocket funk, staccato spoken word, classic soul, aggressive rock and vintage psychedelic. The group has invented its own genre by combining limitless sounds capes to create something new and impacting.

Opening the Tahoe show is Reno favorites Drinking with Clowns, who are a band with a unique blend of Latin rhythms and funky sounds that will send you grooving into the ecstasy of dance. Their music ignites a sense of freedom unparalleled to any other musical experience.

Sounds like good times.

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