September 9, 2008

We the People Festival

Sept 27th, 2008
Los Angeles State Historic Park (Not a Cornfield)

Unity Through Diversity
The organization of the WE THE PEOPLE festival was conceived due to a great need for a stimulant in social awareness and an encompassing platform within the urban community to inspire the involvement and active participation of the conscious urban youth populous throughout the country.
While providing a vastly artistic and intellectually satisfying array of talent at the concert series, The WE THE PEOPLE festival's primary objective involves reaching out to the myriad of organizations, groups, like-minded promotion firms, and of course artists, in order to conceive the greatest arena in which to engage and then garner participation from a grossly uninformed youth audience, including all other age groups affected by contemporary matters that involve our communities.
By in large, the WE THE PEOPLE festival aspires to continue to promote and suggest a much needed platform that calls for a voice for the youth of our nation and those artists they credit with acknowledging their daily struggles within the environments that surround them, socially, culturally and politically.
The "We the People" festival promotes non-partisan, non-violent, environmental and politically conscious views.

by Greg Lake

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